Jugs, Pitcher, Water Bottle

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it come to the Jugs and Pitchers – primarily dealing with their correct names and descriptions.  Because of this confusion, many times the individual pieces are misidentified.

Fostoria Glass often used the word jug interchangeably with pitcher.  In the early years, an item might be listed as a jug in a catalog, only to have it listed as a pitcher in the correlating price list.  More often than not, catalog data describes these large, handled glass vessels as jugs.  Descriptions on this website remains true to Fostoria’s original terminology.

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Fostoria American Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Fostoria American Pint Cereal Pitcher

Pint Cereal Pitcher

Fostoria American 3 Pint Jug

3 Pint Jug

Fostoria American 3 Pint Ice Jug

3 Pint Ice Jug

Fostoria American Quart Jug

Quart Jug

Fostoria American ½ Gallon Jug

½ Gallon Jug

½ Gallon Ice Jug

½ Gallon Ice Jug (w/ Ice Lip)

Fostoria American ½ Gallon Ice Jug (w/o Ice Lip)

½ Gallon Ice Jug (w/o Ice Lip)

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