Jugs & Pitchers

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it come to the Jugs and Pitchers – primarily dealing with their correct names and descriptions, and their respective size, measurements, and/or holding capacity.  Because of this confusion, many times the individual pieces are misidentified.  I can speak from my own personal experience, as it was not until I started researching into the Jugs and Pitchers category that I found errors in my own inventory and classification.  In this section, I will be adding new information regarding sizes and holding capacities … and always, with the original and correct description stated.

When it comes to Jugs & Pitchers, we can’t solely depend on catalog measurements for the most accurate data.  While measurements were always given in the Fostoria catalogs, we don’t know how those measurements were determined.  Was it the measurement to the top of the handle, or perhaps to the top of the lip?  Was it something else?  And so, the same dilemma applies today when a Seller lists a Jug or Pitcher for sale.  We usually need to know more than one measurement in order to determine what the official name is for that respective piece.  The exception would be for pieces with obvious design differences; however, for similarly designed Jugs, multiple measurements are quite helpful.

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Fostoria American Pint Cereal Pitcher

Pint Cereal Pitcher

Fostoria American 3 Pint Jug

3 Pint Jug

Fostoria American 3 Pint Ice Jug

3 Pint Ice Jug

Fostoria American Quart Jug

Quart Jug

Fostoria American ½ Gallon Jug

½ Gallon Jug

½ Gallon Ice Jug

½ Gallon Ice Jug (w/ Ice Lip)

Fostoria American ½ Gallon Ice Jug (w/o Ice Lip)

½ Gallon Ice Jug (w/o Ice Lip)

Identification & Reference Books
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