Other Serving Dishes

This is a sweet little section featuring a variety of serving dishes – from the small Ovals to the large Shrimp & Dip.  Comports, ice cream dishes, vegetable, and handled serving pieces are also featured.

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Fostoria American Individual Appetizer
105. Handled Ice Cream ~ Individual Appetizer
Fostoria American 3-Toed Bon Bon
137. 3-Toed Bon Bon
Fostoria American Shrimp & Dip
259. Shrimp & Dip
Fostoria American Cheese & Cracker
369. Cheese & Cracker
Fostoria American Footed Cheese
370. Footed Cheese
Fostoria American High Foot Comport & Cover
386. High Foot Comport & Cover
High Foot Comport (No Cover)
388. High Foot Comport
Fostoria American Oval
538. Oval
Fostoria American Divided Party Server
584. Party Server with 2 Stainless Spoons
Fostoria American Handled Serving Dish
648. Handled Serving Dish
Fostoria American Oval Vegetable Dish
836. Oval Vegetable Dish
Fostoria American 2-Part Vegetable Dish
837. 2-Part Vegetable Dish
Fostoria American Comport - 8½"
B-05. 8½” Comport
Fostoria American Comport - 9½"
B-06. 9½” Comport
Fostoria American Oval Almond
M-05. Oval Almond ~ Almond
Fostoria American Banana Split
M-06. Banana Split
Fostoria | American | Ice Cream Dish
P-06. Ice Cream ~ Ice Cream Saucer ~ Ice Cream Tray

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