Boudoir Accessories

The American 2056 pattern offered a variety of items such as Colognes, Puffs, Pomades, and so much more!  It seems Fostoria Glass put a lot of thought into producing accessories that were well-suited for a woman’s private sitting room or suite.  Most of these items were produced during the American pattern’s early years, as the popularity of boudoir offerings started to diminish during the late 1920s-1930s.

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Fostoria American Chiffonier


Fostoria American Small Cologne

Small Cologne

Fostoria American Large Cologne

Large Cologne

Fostoria American Glove Box & Cover

Glove Box & Cover

Fostoria American Hair Pin Box & Cover

Hair Pin Box & Cover

Fostoria American Hair Receiver Box & Cover

Hair Receiver Box & Cover

Fostoria American Handkerchief Box & Cover

Handkerchief Box & Cover

Fostoria American Jewel Box & Cover

Jewel Box & Cover

Fostoria American Pomade & Cover

Pomade Box & Cover

Fostoria American Round Puff Box & Cover

Round Puff Box & Cover

Fostoria American Square Puff Box & Cover

Square Puff Box & Cover

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