This section focuses on items that are distinctive, a novelty of sorts.  Such pieces include the Napkin Ring, Bell, Reed Handled Basket, etc.

Regarding Coasters – it is important to note that Fostoria Glass had a giftware line that was made out of lead crystal.  These items were not part of the American pattern – Line #2056.

The giftware line included different Coasters, and they were marketed as “American Lead Crystal”.  The confusion is that some people think the word “American” is referring to the pattern; it is not.  It is simply stating that the giftware line is considered American lead crystal, meeting international standards.  Different standards were applied to different countries.

Fostoria American Bell
47. Bell
Fostoria American Reed Handle Basket
125. Reed Handle Basket
377. Coaster
380. Coaster
Fostoria American Napkin Ring
492. Napkin Ring
Fostoria American Toothpick
710. Toothpick
Fostoria | American | Topper Ash Tray
713. 1″ Topper
Fostoria American Topper - 2½"
714. 2½” Topper
Fostoria American Topper - 3"
715. 3″ Topper
Fostoria American Topper Vase
716. 4″ Topper
Fostoria American Oval Picture Frame
866. Oval Picture Frame
Fostoria American Water Cress Bowl
M-02. Water Cress
M-07. Coaster
Fostoria American Spoon
M-08. Spoon

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