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While Fostoria American Punch Bowl Bases (the Low Foot or High Foot) and Centerpieces might look similar at first glance, there is one distinguishing difference between them.  Most times, the true supports for the punch bowls (whatever the foot size) will not have a rayed center in their glass base.  Punch bowls just sit more securely on a non-rayed base.

For example, when Fostoria shipped out the 7″ Flared Vase (601), it was usually sent with a rayed center.  In contrast, when this dual-purpose item was shipped as the High Foot for the 14″ Punch Bowl, it was typically sent out with a plain, non-rayed center.

Please Note:  Punch and/or Custard Cups are listed in this section, as well as in the Drinkware and Stemware section.

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250. Small Punch Bowl ~
Tom & Jerry ~ Footed Fruit
600. Punch Bowl 14″
601. High Foot for
14″ Punch Bowl
602-PB. Low Foot for
14″ Punch Bowl
610. Punch Bowl 18″
611-PB. Foot for
18″ Punch Bowl
PB-01. Spun Punch Bowl
Fostoria | American | Footed Punch Cup
614. Footed Punch Cup
Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Regular
615. Regular Punch/Custard Cup
Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Flared
616. Flared Punch/Custard Cup
Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Regular - Flat Handle
D-01. Regular Punch Cup –
Flat Handle
Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Flared - Flat Handle
D-02. Flared Punch Cup –
Flat Handle

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