Item Number:  715
Height:  3″
Production Dates:  1939-1958

Fostoria American 3" Topper - White Milk GlassWhen the crystal Topper was first introduced, it was marketed as a cigarette holder.  Back then, when smoking was very popular, the perfect host would set the table with ash trays, cigarettes, and matches for their guests.  The 3″ Topper was the perfect size to hold the cigarettes, while the 2½” Topper held the matches.  The top diameter of the 3″ Topper is approximately 4½ inches.

All of the Toppers in the American line were also offered in White Milk Glass.  Each of the Milk Glass Toppers had different production dates; however, the 3″ Topper was produced from 1954-1965.  This particular sized Topper was very popular, and it had the longest production life during the Milk Glass years.

After the sale of Fostoria Glass and under the new ownership of Lancaster Colony, the 3″ Topper was then produced by Dalzell Viking Glass in a Cranberry Mist color.  The Cranberry Mist color is not cataloged, and appears to have been a smaller production run.  Other colored Toppers have also been found (mostly experimental).  The only colored 3″ Toppers that were regularly produced and cataloged by Fostoria Glass are the White Milk Glass items.

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