Item Number:  #47
Approximate Size:  7¼” H
Production Dates:  1981-1982

The Bell was designed by Jon Saffell – a talented model maker and design artist.  I would be amiss if I did not mention how fragile this item is.  Unlike other pressed glassware from the American 2056 line, the Bell is hand blown.  Delicate it is, and great care should be afforded to it.

The Bell was one of the last items to be introduced into the American pattern.  It made its debut in July of 1981 and was in production for less than one year.  Unfortunately, this was a time in Fostoria’s history when they ended all production of hand blown glassware due to high production costs.  Therefore, this beautiful Bell had a very short life.  It has a high desirability factor because of its limited life, craftsmanship, and truthfully … the historical significance attached to it concerning the timeline of Fostoria Glass.

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