Item Number:  #TB-01
Approximate Size:  3¾″ H
Production Dates:  1915 – late 1920’s (estimated)

There has been much confusion regarding this piece, as published information on it has been conflicting, at best.  The production dates that I give are an estimate, and I truly believe that the original Spoons were only produced until the late 1920’s.  Price lists and catalog data on the American pattern are still missing for a few years during this time period.  It has been confirmed; however, that the Spoons were still being produced in 1925.  I don’t show them being produced in 1928.  I will post a more definitive ending date once (and if) records should surface.

In 1915, when this item was introduced, Fostoria Glass described this piece as a “Spoon”.  Some collectors prefer to call it a Spooner; however, I shall remain true to Fostoria’s original description and spelling of this item.  These type of open containers were used to hold spoons on the table, and they did not have a cover.  There is; however, a Sugar & Cover (aka Candy & Cover) in the American pattern that has a strikingly similar bottom.

There are differences in a true Spoon and the Sugar & Covers.  I seem to have a different approach than most in determining what item is which.  The Spoons have a top diameter measurement of approximately 3¼”, versus the larger 4″ opening on the bottom piece of the Sugar & Cover.  The S&C covers won’t fit on an original Spoon.  Another factor is the number of petals or rays in the bottom of the piece. The original Spoons have a total of 22 rays, whereas many of the Sugar & Cover bottoms have 24 rays.  Therefore, we know that the exact same mould was not used for the entire lives of both pieces.

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