Fostoria American Napkin Ring

Napkin Ring


Item Number:  492
Approximate Size:  2″ D – ¾” W
Production Dates:  1973-1982

Put simply, the Napkin Rings are precious.  I use that term because they are not to be used carelessly.  Of all the American pieces produced, these would classify as some of the most fragile.  The reason for that is because the glass ring is somewhat thin – just a little over ⅛” thick.  These are pieces that I don’t recommend just throwing on the table; they will need to be placed and handled with care.

This item was only produced for a few years, so I don’t consider it a common item.  If you are interested in purchasing similar Fostoria American Napkin Rings, please click the following sponsored link for available Napkin Rings on eBay.

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