Fostoria American Toothpick



Item Number:  #710
Approximate Size:  2⅜” H
Production Dates:  1915-1981

The Toothpick was one of the very first pieces to debut in the American pattern of 1915, and it continued to be produced for a very long time.  This piece was produced in clear crystal during its regular production run.  The older Toothpicks will have a ground bottom; the newer pieces will not.

Fostoria American Ruby ToothpickIn 1983, the Fostoria Glass Society of America, Inc. commissioned this piece to be made as a souvenir – in the color Ruby.  There were a total of 500 made, and at that time, they stated all “seconds” would be destroyed.  Therefore, should you find a Toothpick in Ruby, know that they are in limited quantities.  The Ruby Toothpicks are stamped with the “FGSA” logo (and year) on the bottom of the glass, making them easy to recognize.  They are a bit heavier and thicker than the Fostoria-produced Toothpicks.

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