Fostoria | American | Coaster - 16 Rays

Coaster (16 Rays)


Item Number:  377
Diameter:  3¾”
Production Dates:  1980-1982

Out of all the Fostoria American Coasters, this stunning 16-rayed version is the hardest one to find.  It is easy to understand why, for they were only produced from 1980-1982.  With a short production run, and also being prone to breakage during and after the manufacturing process, there simply are not a lot of them available.  Even fewer are the ones in great condition.

Expect slight variations in size.  The 16-rayed coasters that I have are slightly smaller – bigger than 3½” but smaller than 3¾”.  The outer rim of glass that surrounds this Coaster is thinner than the other variations, making it a bit more fragile.  I have noticed from my own experience that glasses do not sit as securely in the center of this Coaster as they do in the other styles.

While the 16-Rayed Coaster might be more difficult to find (especially in great condition) it is truly one of the prettiest Coasters that Fostoria Glass ever produced.  As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase on eBay.  The following link shows available Coasters on eBay.

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