Fostoria | American | Twin Candlestick

Twin Candlestick

Candle Holders & Lighting

Item Number:  #331
Height:  4⅜”
Production Dates:  1937-1982

The Twin Candlestick is rather unique.  Unlike the majority of American single candlesticks, this candle holder holds two candles.  It is a candle holder with two branches or arms, of the same height and width.  There are only a couple other candlesticks in the 2056 line that holds two candles, and that is the Duo Candlestick and the 2-Light Candelabra.  All other candlesticks offer service for just one candle.

Fostoria | American | Twin Candlestick ArmAt the time of its production, the Twin Candlestick was one of the most expensive candlesticks in the American 2056 line.  This beautiful piece is approximately 4⅜” in height, and is about 8½” in width.  Featuring a low profile, with balanced weight for stability, it will seat itself quite comfortably on the table.  The base is about 4½” in diameter.

The arms of the Twin Candlestick are spectacular.  The top and bottom sides of the arms are smooth (void of the cube design), branching inward to a center motif.  The front and back of the arms; however, display the beloved cubed pattern in great artistic flair.  No matter your lighting – dim or lit – these treasures definitely make a statement.

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