Fostoria | American | Chamber Candleholder

Chamber Candleholder


Item Number:  311
Height:  2″
Production Dates:  1980-1982

Fostoria | American | Chamber CandleholderWhile it might be difficult to imagine us needing a Chamber Candleholder today, it was certainly an important and necessary item prior to the invention of electricity.  Every household needed one, and often had several on hand.  It was not unheard of for wealthy families to even hire personnel to specifically look after and care for all household candles and holders.  Indeed, lighting the household was a serious undertaking and not to be taken lightly.

Fostoria Glass described and spelled this item, in part, as a “Candleholder” – all one word.  Hence, when I refer to their Chamber Candleholder, I will spell it the same way.  I try and remain loyal and true to the original spelling of all Fostoria American items, even when some of the terminology might appear rather archaic in modern times.

The Fostoria Glass Company introduced their Chamber Candleholder decades after electricity was born; however, it is still a nostalgic and welcoming addition to any American collection.  Here in our household, we keep a total of three Chamber Candleholders sitting on various tabletops.  Even if no electrical emergency arises, our family still enjoys the Chamber Candleholder’s ambiance and serviceability.

The original intent of a chamber candle was to light the way towards your chamber (bedroom).  So, most times they were not actually in the bedroom – rather, they were placed on a hall table just outside the bedroom door.  This was an important location, as chamber candles and holders were used by all members of the families – each helping to light their way to their respective and private chamber.  Once inside, other bedroom lighting was available, which was often lit by the roaming chamber candle.

The Chamber Candleholder’s shape is perfect, and looks very much like the American Handled Nappy.  It bears a central socket to hold a candle, and it has a convenient handle (or finger hole) for easy transport from one room to the other.  The round design catches all candle drips, eliminating wax from dropping on the floor or your clothing.

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