Fostoria | American | Hurricane Lamp Base

Hurricane Lamp Base

Candle Holders & Lighting

Item Number:  #460
Height:  3”
Production Dates:  1939-1943 and 1953-1958

Here is another piece in the Candle Holders & Lighting category that is truly special.  The complete Hurricane Lamp consists of two pieces – a base and a chimney.  While one could certainly use the base without the chimney, it is not considered complete without the two pieces.  The base is substantial; however, the chimney is quite fragile.

The Hurricane Lamp is one of those items in the American line that was made for a short period of time, then taken out of production.  It came back to life in 1953, and had a production run for another six years.  A consumer had three purchasing options – buy a complete Hurricane Lamp (which was two pieces), buy just the Hurricane Base, or only purchase the Hurricane Chimney.  Therefore, it is entirely possible to find the American Hurricane Base being used with a different chimney, and vice-versa.  Since the items were sold separately, people could use and display them as they wished.

When buying these pieces; however, you should be aware of how a “Fostoria American Hurricane Lamp” is often listed on eBay and other online auction sites.  Many times a seller will list their item as a Fostoria American Hurricane Lamp and Chimney, when it is not.  In most instances, they only have the Hurricane Lamp Base – not the Hurricane Chimney (which is harder to find).  The correct description for such an item should be “Hurricane Lamp, complete with a chimney and a Fostoria American Base”.

Fostoria | American | Hurricane Lamp Base

If you were to turn the Hurricane Lamp Base over, and view it from the bottom, you will notice six glass nodules.  (You can also see and feel them quite easily when looking at them right side up; however, the bottom view provides a clearer picture of them).  These nodules are what holds the chimney up, while sitting in the base.  So, if you were wanting to purchase another chimney (that was not Fostoria American), you would need to find one with a similar base size – which is approximately 2⅞ inches.

The bases have stood the test of time very well; therefore, you will find more of them than the fragile chimneys.  If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing for any of the parts associated with the Hurricane Lamp, please click the following sponsored link for available Hurricane Lamps on eBay.

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