Fostoria | American | Hurricane Lamp Chimney

Hurricane Lamp Chimney


Item Number:  461
Height:  9½”
Production Dates:  1939-1943 and 1953-1958

The complete Hurricane Lamp consists of two pieces – the Lamp Base, and the Lamp Chimney.  While one could certainly use the base without the chimney, it is not considered complete without the two pieces.  The base is rather substantial; however, the Hurricane Lamp Chimney is fragile.

During the years that Fostoria Glass produced the Hurricane Lamp, a consumer had three purchasing options.  They could either buy a complete Hurricane Lamp (which was two pieces), buy only the Hurricane Base, or make a solo purchase of just the Hurricane Chimney.  Therefore, it is entirely possible to find the American Hurricane Lamp Chimney being used with a different base, and vice-versa.

Fostoria | American | Hurricane Lamp Chimney BaseThe Hurricane Lamp Chimneys are delicate, to say the least.  The top ruffled edge has eight depressions in its design, and is almost 3½” in diameter.  These pieces are hand blown glass, so measurements can vary slightly.

If you are wanting to purchase a replacement chimney for your lamp (which is not Fostoria American), you would need to find one with a similar base size – which is approximately 2⅞ inches.  I am referring to the base (bottom) of the chimney itself, not the measurement of the Hurricane Lamp Base.

The bottom of most chimneys are ground, so they are rough to the touch.  Take extra care when handling.  Many chimneys will have minor chipping to the bottom edge – which is quite common.  Finding one with minimal chipping is definitely a great find.

As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase on eBay.  If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing for any of the parts associated with the Hurricane Lamp, the following link shows available Hurricane Lamp Chimneys on eBay.

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