Fostoria American Candle Lamp Chimney

Candle Lamp Chimney

Candlesticks & Centerpieces

Item Number:  26-461
Approximate Size:  4⅜” H
Production Dates:  1939-1943; 1953-1970

The production dates I have given are for when this item was used in the American 2056 pattern.  It does not include the dates it was used with other Fostoria glass patterns.

The complete American Candle Lamp consisted of four individual glass pieces, or three … depending on when it was produced.  The Candle Lamp Chimneys (along with the Candle Lamp Bases) were always official parts of both versions.  While this item was used and featured in the American 2056 line, its history goes way back to the early 1900’s when it was also used with other Fostoria candle lamps.

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