Fostoria | American | Candle



Item Number:  C-01
Height:  7¼”
Production Dates:  1916-1925

Fostoria | American | Candle | Eiffel TowerWhen it comes to candlesticks, this one is the reigning monarch.  It deserves this recognition simply because it was the first candlestick ever produced in the American line.  Being the first-born, this item was simply named “Candle”.  No further description was necessary – because at the time, this was the only candlestick available.  Some folks today refer to it as the Eiffel Tower Candlestick, based on its shape.

The Candle first debuted in 1916, and was produced for about nine years.  At one point during that time, it was part of the American Boudoir Set.  The set included this Candle and other various items – such as a Jug, Regular Table Tumbler, Tray, etc.  You had the option of buying the Candle separately, or as part of the set.

The Candle is approximately 7¼” in height, with a 3½” square base.  I own a couple of these candlesticks that are slightly twisted in the stem part.  It is common to find subtle differences from one piece to the other – especially with the older pieces.  Personally, that is one of the traits of hand-finished glass that I like – each one is unique!

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