Ice Tub Plate – Large

Item Number:  #552-ITL
Diameter:  9″
Production Dates:  1916-1958

The Fostoria Glass Company produced two Ice Tub Plates in the American line. The one that we will be addressing in this post is the larger of the two, which was first produced in 1916.  The Small Ice Tub Plate debuted first, and is about one-inch smaller in diameter.  Often, you will see the Ice Tubs sold without the Plate, and this could be for a variety of reasons. Over the years, people might have thought the Ice Tub Plate was just another ordinary plate and separated it from the Ice Tub – or the Ice Tub was originally bought separately (without the Plate).

Fostoria American Large Ice Tub and PlateThe Large Ice Tub Plate and Dinner Plate came from the same mold, so it is easy to understand the confusion in identifying them.  Since the Ice Tub Plate may have edges that flow slightly upward, this trait will usually reduce its overall diameter by about ½” from the regular Dinner Plate.  The higher the edges, the smaller in diameter the plate will be.

You should also be able to see and feel that the plate appears slightly recessed – especially when running your fingers along the bottom, then across, and finally upward along the sides of the plate.  I seem to use this touch test, along with the 9″ measurement, as my best tool in distinguishing between a regular Dinner Plate and the Large Ice Tub Plate.  You will have a little bit of space between the bottom of the tub and the sides of the plate if it is a Dinner Plate.  When an Ice Tub Plate is used, there is very little space.

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Youth Plate

Item Number:  #544
Approximate Size:  6½” D
Production Dates:  1980-1982

I have included the Youth Plate as a separate item in the Plates category, even though it was only available in the 3-Piece Youth Gift Set.  Since Fostoria Glass assigned this piece its own unique item number (separate from the item number of the Youth Gift Set), I felt it deserved to be shown as an individual plate.  Many of the items in sets have been dismantled over the years, and it’s always nice to see photos of the individual pieces for identification purposes – especially since a collector might find one while treasure hunting.

As mentioned above, the Youth Plate was part of the Youth Gift Set.  This set was very short-lived and was only in production from 1980-1982.  Obviously, these items will be in very limited quantities.  The Youth Gift Set included the following pieces:

  1. Youth Plate #544
  2. Straight Baby Bowl #150
  3. Handled Baby/Youth Mug #708

If you are interested in purchasing a similar piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Youth Plates on eBay. These do not come up on eBay very often, and when they do, they are usually offered in the 3-Piece Youth Gift Set.  If the plate has since been separated from its original set, then it would be prudent to search for 6½” plates, with a smooth rim.

Water Cress Plate

Item Number:  #P-09
Diameter:  8”
Production Dates:  circa 1925

There is much dispute regarding the production dates of this piece.  The dates vary greatly among book authors.  Published production dates were often copied from another book – without any authentic research by the author themselves.  Therefore, if the originating book was incorrect – many times the books that followed were also incorrect.  For now, until more complete records come forward, the actual production dates are an estimate.  It does appear they were only produced in the 1920’s, and for a very short period of time.  I do know with certainty; however, that the bowls and plates were produced in 1925 – with records to substantiate that claim.

Fostoria American Water Cress SetThe Water Cress Plate was not available as a separate item and was sold with the Watercress Bowl.  The Water Cress Bowl is about 2½” high, and the Water Cress Plate is about 8″ in diameter.  The plate is about an 1″ high, with the sides caressing and following the lines of the bowl that sits above it.  The sole purpose of the Water Cress Plate is to catch the water as it drips down from the bowl.  This is perfection at its finest – in function, form, and design.

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Oval Platter – 10½”

Item Number:  #555
Length:  10½″
Production Dates:  1933-1970 and 1916-1923 as Oval Comb and Brush Tray

(aka Oval Comb and Brush Tray)

In addition to dinnerware and accessories, Fostoria Glass also produced Tortes, Trays, and Platters.  The American Oval Platter was available in two sizes – this smaller 10½” version, and a larger 12″ size.

When this item first emerged in 1916, it was described as the Oval Comb and Brush Tray.  When it comes to official names and descriptions by Fostoria, it can get confusing.  This is one such case, as Fostoria Glass also referred to other items in the American line as “Comb and Brush Trays”.  Therefore, it is always important to look for the production dates of any described item, as that will help lead you in the right direction of what that particular item was called at any particular period in time.  You will have to check the sizes too, as there are times when two identical names/descriptions can be seen in the same catalog year.  The only way to tell them apart is to look at their measurements.

Oval Comb and Brush Tray - 1916This piece began its life in 1916 as the Oval Comb and Brush Tray and it stayed in production for approximately seven years.  It was then discontinued, only to emerge again (ten years later) under the name of the 10½” Oval Platter.  It remained under that name until it finally retired in 1970.  Obviously, due to the different names and descriptions of this piece, it will prove to be a very versatile and useful item in your American collection.

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Handled Muffin Tray

Item Number:  #726
Width:  10″
Production Dates:  1948-1973

The Fostoria American pattern includes a wide variety of pieces, and the items in the Trays and Platters category is no exception.  Featured here is the Handled Muffin Tray.  It looks very similar to the Handled Utility Tray; however, there are differences between the two.  The Handled Muffin Tray has higher sides, with a serrated edge that reaches outward – rather that upward.

The Handled Muffin Tray was produced from 1948 through 1973.  It is approximately 8″ in length and about 10″ wide (measured from handle to handle).  While people today might not serve muffins as much as they did in the mid-1900’s, it is still a dish that can be used for a multitude of purposes.  When not in use to serve food, it is quite beautiful on a buffet table – holding and serving fresh napkin linens to your dinner guests as they walk by.

Fostoria | American | Muffin Tray HandleThe handles are truly a work of art.  I find them to be quite attractive, and they are extremely smooth and soft to the touch.  From the bottom of the tray to the top of the handle, they measure in at about 3½” in height.

The Handled Muffin Tray is every easy to transport from one area to the next, all with the help of those lovely handles.  Even so, I try and support the dish with at least one hand on the bottom as I move it from one area to the other.

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Square Tray – 10″

Item Number:  #T-09
Length:  10″
Production Dates:  1926-1943 and 1924-1925 as Square Plate

aka (Square Plate)

While the American pattern produced quite a few trays in various sizes and shapes, the 10″ Square Tray stands out from the crowd.  This particular tray has a plain rim, void of any cube design (much like the 12″ Round Tray).  The surface of the tray is smooth, to allow for glasses and other items to sit properly.  Any American piece would look stunning on this handsome tray.

Fostoria | American | Square Tray ComboCatalogs state the Square Tray as being 10″ in length and width; however, expect some slight fluctuations.  My own personal trays are closer to 10¼” in measurement.  Regarding production dates, I am estimating them to be between 1924-1943, and under two different names.  It is thought that this piece started its life as a “Square Plate”, and then a couple of years later it was called the “Square Tray”.  In comparison to other pieces in the American line that enjoyed a long production life, the Square Tray was only made for less than twenty years.

This piece is not a common find, simply because of the initial supply.  When you do find one, pay special attention to the inside lip and four corners of the tray.  This is where you might find the most damage, either from the removal of the mould, or from normal usage.  Since the top of the Square Tray has smooth glass, one should also look for scratches and other possible imperfections from lifting, storing, or sliding items on the tray.

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