Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Premium Items and Content

What’s the Difference between Footed and Unfooted 3-Toed Bowls? – This report will be a good resource for those collectors that want to know the difference between a footed and unfooted variation of the 3-Toed Bowl.  Over the past few months, I have received numerous requests for assistance on what a footed bowl looks like, versus an unfooted bowl.  It was obvious that it was time to publish a few photos with detailed information on this very subject.

1915 Catalog Supplement – This catalog supplement is a great resource for those enthusiasts wanting to know the specific items that were launched in the original debut of the American pattern.  It also is validation of what pieces in the line could possibly be quite old, since the items listed were presented to the public over 100 years ago.

1961 Catalog & Price List – This catalog and price list would be a good resource for those enthusiasts that wanted to know what items were being produced during the early 1960’s.  The catalog shows a drawing of each piece that was produced, along with its name and approximate dimensions – including the retail prices at that time.

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