Handled Muffin Tray

Item Number:  726
Width:  10″
Production Dates:  1948-1973

Fostoria | American | Muffin Tray HandleThe Handled Muffin Tray was produced from 1948 through 1973.  It is approximately 8″ in length and about 10″ wide (measured from handle to handle).  While people today might not serve muffins as much as they did in the mid-1900’s, it is still a dish that can be used for a multitude of purposes.  When not in use to serve food, it is quite beautiful on a buffet table – holding and serving fresh napkin linens to your dinner guests as they walk by.

The handles are truly a work of art.  I find them to be quite attractive, and they are extremely smooth and soft to the touch.  From the bottom of the tray to the top of the handle, they measure in at about 3½” in height.

The Handled Muffin Tray is every easy to transport from one area to the next, all with the help of those lovely handles.  Even so, I try and support the dish with at least one hand on the bottom as I move it from one area to the other.

The Handled Muffin Tray was also produced in a beautiful Ruby color.  The Ruby items were produced from the 1980s through the late 1990s.

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Square Tray ~ Square Plate

Item Number:  T-09
Approximate Size:  10″ Sq.
Production Dates:  1924-1943

Fostoria | American | Square Tray ComboWhile the American pattern produced quite a few trays in various sizes and shapes, the 10″ Square Tray stands out from the crowd.  This particular tray has a plain rim, void of any cube design (much like the 12″ Round Tray).  The surface of the tray is smooth, to allow for glasses and other items to sit properly.  Any American piece would look stunning on this handsome tray.

Catalogs state the Square Tray as being 10″ in length and width; however, expect some slight fluctuations.  My own personal trays are closer to 10¼” in measurement.  Regarding production dates, I am estimating them to be between 1924-1943, and under two different names.  It is thought that this piece started its life as a “Square Plate”, and then a couple of years later it was called the “Square Tray”.  In comparison to other pieces in the American line that enjoyed a long production life, the Square Tray was only made for less than twenty years.

This piece is not a common find, simply because of the initial supply.  When you do find one, pay special attention to the inside lip and four corners of the tray.  This is where you might find the most damage, either from the removal of the mould, or from normal usage.  Since the top of the Square Tray has smooth glass, one should also look for scratches and other possible imperfections from lifting, storing, or sliding items on the tray.

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Handled Utility Tray

Item Number:  732
Diameter:  9″
Production Dates:  1948-1982

Fostoria | American | Handled Utility TrayOne of the more unique trays in the American pattern is the Handled Utility Tray.  While it looks similar to the Handled Muffin Tray, there is one defining difference.  The Utility Tray has sides that curve upward, while the Muffin Tray has sides that flare outward.  They both came from the same mould; however, they were designed and crafted differently.

The Handled Utility Tray was introduced in the 1940’s and it remained in production until 1982.  It was later produced in Ruby, by Dalzell Viking Glass, under the Fostoria American label.  From handle to handle, it is approximately 9″ in diameter.  The edges of the tray curve upwards, and are about 2½” high.  I have noticed slight size fluctuations regarding this tray, so one can expect that some items will have higher (or lower) side measurements.

As a noun, the word “utility” means the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.  That being said, the Handled Utility Tray’s greatest advantage is that it can be used for multiple applications.  While serving food is one of the most common uses of the tray, it can also be utilized for displaying flowers to holding potpourri.  The possibilities are endless!

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Condiment Tray

Item Number:  738
Length:  9″
Production Dates:  1936-1943; 1952-1958

Over the years, the Fostoria American pattern offered a couple of different trays to be used as Condiment Trays.  This particular tray was the second and last tray to be featured as part of a Condiment Set.  The tray itself is about 9″ in length; however, from handle to handle it measures in at about 10½” in length.

The Condiment Tray (cloverleaf shape) came into the American line in the mid-1930’s.  Being part of a Condiment Set, it was in and out of production throughout the years.  It made it’s last appearance around 1958, utilizing the #653 Shakers (Chrome Top “A”).  An earlier version of the set (circa 1936) included Shakers with Fostoria Glass Tops.

Fostoria | American | 6-Piece Condiment SetThe 6-Piece Condiment Set pictured here consists of the following items:

2 Oil Decanters and Stoppers – approximately 5 oz. each
2 Shakers, with Fostoria Glass Tops
1 Mustard, Cover & Spoon
1 Condiment Tray

It is important to note that the center of the tray has a circled inset rim.  This rim fits the Mustard piece perfectly – preventing it from moving around the tray.  With the originally intended pieces assembled together, the Condiment Tray is a work of art – perfectly proportioned, down to the tiniest of details.

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Candy Tray

Item Number:  T-07
Length:  7″
Production Dates:  1916-1925

Fostoria | American | Candy TrayI am thrilled to share what I know about the American Candy Tray, for it is one of those pieces that is not seen all that often.  Unfortunately, the Candy Tray is rarely talked or written about.  Indeed, there are books on the American pattern that don’t even mention its existence!  The reason for it is still a mystery to me, for it is a rare gem and definitely worth our admiration.

The Candy Tray is special because of its age, unique shape, and limited production run.  It was born in 1916, over one-hundred years ago!  This is not an item that was produced for decades on end, like many of the other pieces in the American line.  The Candy Tray was only made from 1916 – 1925.  These pieces are respected elders in the Fostoria family, and they certainly deserve our utmost respect.

The Candy Tray is often referred to as an “Open Candy Box”.  With higher sides than most trays, it easily looks like a box.  However, most boxes have lids; this piece does not.  With no lid or cover, this might be the reason why Fostoria officially classified this piece as a tray, rather than a box.

The overall measurement of the piece is approximately 7″ x 5″, with sides that are about 1½” high (considerably higher than most American trays).  It is extremely well-crafted, with great clarity, luster and weight.

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Oblong Tray

Item Number:  721
Size:  10⅝” L – 7½” W
Production Dates:  1917-1958

(A.K.A. as the Oblong Ice Cream Tray ~ Comb & Brush Tray)

Fostoria | American | 10½" Oblong Tray - AmberAt one time or another, the Oblong Tray was known by different names or descriptions.  Unofficial names were the 10½” Rectangular Tray and the Dresser Tray.  The tray is oblong in shape and is about 7½” in width.  The top portion of the tray is smooth glass, and it has a beautiful rim that flows along all four sides.  These traits help ensure that any items placed on the tray will sit securely and not be prone to slippage.

Some books state that this piece was only produced through 1943; however, I do not agree with those findings.  The Oblong Tray was still being offered in the late 1950’s.  In fact, it was available for purchase in 1957 as a single item, or as part of the following sets – the 8-Piece Decanter Set, or the 7-Piece Appetizer Set.  The Decanter Set consisted of the Oblong Tray, a Decanter & Stopper, and six 2 oz. Whiskeys.  The Appetizer Set consisted of the Oblong Tray and six Individual Appetizers.

While the majority of these trays were produced in clear crystal, this item was also produced in the colors of Amber, Blue and Canary.  Obviously, the trays of color are more valuable and rare when compared to the more plentiful clear crystal items.  The colored trays were available in the mid-1920’s, when Fostoria Glass was mainly promoting them as part of their 8-Piece American Boudoir Sets.

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