Fostoria American Condiment Tray - Cloverleaf

Condiment Tray (AKA Cloverleaf)

Condiments, Plates, Platters & Trays

Item Number:  #738
Length:  9″
Production Dates:  Mid 1930’s-1958 (not continuously)

(aka Cloverleaf)

Over the years, the Fostoria American pattern offered a couple of different trays to be used as Condiment Trays.  This particular tray, also known as the Cloverleaf Condiment Tray, was the second and last tray to be featured as part of a Condiment Set.  The tray itself is about 9″ in length; however, from handle to handle it measures in at about 10½” in length.

The Condiment Tray (AKA Cloverleaf) came into the American line in the mid-1930’s.  Being part of a Condiment Set, it was in and out of production throughout the years.  It made it’s last appearance around 1958, utilizing the #653 Shakers (Chrome Top “A”).  An earlier version of the set (circa 1936) included Shakers with Fostoria Glass Tops.

Fostoria | American | 6-Piece Condiment SetThe 6-Piece Condiment Set pictured here consists of the following items:

2 Oil Decanters and Stoppers – approximately 5 oz. each
2 Shakers, with Fostoria Glass Tops
1 Mustard, Cover & Spoon
1 Condiment Tray

It is important to note that the center of the tray has a circled inset rim.  This rim fits the Mustard piece perfectly – preventing it from moving around the tray.  With the originally intended pieces assembled together, the Condiment Tray is a work of art – perfectly proportioned, down to the tiniest of details.

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