Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Julie Noyas

Oblong Pin Tray

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Fostoria | American | Oblong Pin Tray

The Fostoria American Oblong Pin Tray was originally designed to hold pins, or other small items.  It was first produced in 1917, and this was a time in our history when pins and buttons were a necessary item in one’s wardrobe.  As the years went by, Fostoria Glass officially changed this item’s name from the [...]

Torte Plate – 20″

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Fostoria | American | 20" Torte Plate

Fostoria Glass produced several Torte Plates – all in various sizes.  Unlike the Oval Torte Plates, the regular Torte Plates have a round or circular shape.  Fostoria made four different-sized American Torte Plates over the years – 14″, 18″, 20″, and 24″ (the largest size is considered the rarest, by far).  The next rarest is [...]

Individual Shaker Tray

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Fostoria | American | Individual Shaker Tray

Without a doubt, this is one of the smallest (and cutest) trays in the entire American pattern. While the Individual Shaker Tray is one of three items that was used in the 3-Piece Individual Shaker Set, it was also available for purchase as a separate item.  The Shaker Tray fits the square Individual Shakers with Fostoria Glass Tops and [...]

Oval Ice Cream Tray

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Fostoria American Oval Ice Cream Tray

The Oval Ice Cream Tray is one item in the American line that I find to be quite intriguing.  Depending on what book you read on Fostoria American, it can be referenced to as either a “Tray”, “Platter”, or simply the “Oval Ice Cream”.  Interestingly enough, Fostoria’s own 1915 Catalog Supplement displays a picture of [...]

Handled Oval Pin Tray

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Fostoria | American | Handled Oval Pin Tray - 6"

The Fostoria Glass Company made more than one Oval Pin Tray.  Each one is different in design, as well as in their size dimensions.  The Handled Oval Pin Tray was featured in Fostoria’s 1915 Catalog Supplement, which originally debuted the American pattern.  Two trays were introduced at that time, the Oval Comb & Brush Tray [...]

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