Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Julie Noyas

Handled Muffin Tray

– Posted in: Trays & Platters
Fostoria | American | Handled Muffin Tray

The Fostoria American pattern includes a wide variety of pieces, and the items in the Trays and Platters category is no exception.  Featured here is the Handled Muffin Tray.  It looks very similar to the Handled Utility Tray; however, there are differences between the two.  The Handled Muffin Tray has higher sides, with a serrated [...]

Baby Tumbler

– Posted in: Drinkware
Fostoria | American | Baby Tumbler

Out of the hundreds of items that were produced in the American pattern, there are just a handful of pieces that were made specifically for toddlers.  The Baby Tumbler is one of those few and special treasures.  It was introduced in 1957; however, it was only produced for a couple of years.  Due to its [...]

Pickle | Jam Jar and Cover

– Posted in: Covered Containers
Fostoria | American | Pickle Jar and Cover

There are certain items in the Fostoria American line that were produced for a few years and then discontinued – only to resurface years later under a different name.  As our eating and dining habits changed throughout the years, reintroduction of previously produced items seemed quite practical.  The Pickle Jar is one such item, for [...]

Square Ash Tray

– Posted in: Smoking Accessories
Fostoria | American | Square Ash Tray

The Fostoria American Square Ash Tray is one of the smaller smoking accessories in the 2056 line.  It is approximately 2⅞” square and has two indentations to hold cigarettes.  Other American ash trays were made; however, the Square Ash Tray and the Topper Ash Tray are the smallest of the group.  The Square Ash Tray was [...]

4-Part Square Relish

– Posted in: Trays & Platters
Fostoria | American | 4-Part Square Relish

The Fostoria Glass Company classified this piece as a relish and/or buffet dish.  To my thinking, the 4-Part Square Relish looks like a tray.  With four separate compartments, it can easily hold relish, food, and a variety of other unrelated items (even jewelry).  The lipped edge makes it easy to transport from one room to [...]

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