Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Julie Noyas

Condiment Tray (AKA Cloverleaf)

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Fostoria American Condiment Tray - Cloverleaf

Over the years, the Fostoria American pattern offered a couple of different trays to be used as Condiment Trays.  This particular tray, also known as the Cloverleaf Condiment Tray, was the second and last tray to be featured as part of a Condiment Set.  The tray itself is about 9″ in length; however, from handle [...]

Peach Milk Glass Bud Vase

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Fostoria American Peach Milk Glass Bud Vase

The Fostoria Glass Company was very proud of their milk glass, and they made their pieces by hand … just like antique originals.  The American Bud Vases that were produced in milk glass have a soft and mellow look to them.  Peach milk glass specimens are quite beautiful, consisting of fine quality and a porcelain-like finish. [...]

Candy Tray

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Fostoria | American | Candy Tray

I am thrilled to share what I know about the American Candy Tray, for it is one of those pieces that is not seen all that often.  Unfortunately, the Candy Tray is rarely talked or written about.  Indeed, there are books on the American pattern that don’t even mention its existence!  The reason for it [...]

Oblong Tray – 10½”

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Fostoria | American | Oblong Tray - 10½"

I will be the first to admit that researching the numerous trays in the American line has been an exhausting effort.  The 10½” Oblong Tray has been no exception.  In fact, this particular piece has the most varied and mixed history of all the trays in the Fostoria American line.  It is known by many [...]

Oval Comb and Brush Tray – 10″

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Fostoria | American | Oval Comb and Brush Tray

The Oval Comb and Brush Tray was originally featured in the 1915 catalog supplement, debuting the American line.  It was described as being 10″ in length, and 5″ in width.  In the same catalog, it is also listed as one of the pieces in the Condiment Set.  The Condiment Set included two Oils, two Shakers [...]

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