Fostoria | American | High Foot

High Foot for 14″ Punch Bowl

Punch Bowls & Bases

Item Number:  #601
Height:  7”
Production Dates:  1917-1958

(aka 7″ Flared Vase)

Fostoria Glass produced three different sizes of supports for their American punch bowls.  The first one that was introduced was the Low Foot.  The High Foot made its debut in 1917, a couple years later.  If you turn the High Foot over, its function changes.  Depending on how you want to use it, it can either be a beautiful Flared Vase or the High Foot for the 14″ Punch Bowl.

Fostoria | American | High Foot and 14" Punch BowlMany of the books published on the Fostoria American pattern differ wildly in their production dates on the High Foot.  Based on my research, I know this piece was introduced in 1917.  Contrary to what some books state, the High Foot stayed into production through 1958.  It was made specifically for the regular 14″ Punch Bowl.

The High Foot is about 7″ in height, with a diameter of approximately 9¾” at its bottom. The base that supports the punch bowl is about 6¼” in diameter.  This piece has large proportions, with different cube sizes throughout its design.  The larger cubes are noticed near the bottom, and then as it tapers upwards, the size of the cubes decrease.

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