Fostoria | American | Punch Bowl - 14"

Punch Bowl – 14″

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Item Number:  600
Height:  6½”
Production Dates:  1915-1982

Fostoria | American | Punch Bowl with Low FootThe Fostoria American Punch Bowls are exquisite.  This 14″ Punch Bowl was one of the first to be produced, along with its bigger sibling – the 18″ Punch Bowl.  Both bowls were part of the initial line-up of American dishes that were introduced to the public back in 1915.  It goes without saying that both vessels are a beauty to behold, and a pleasure to serve from.

Pieces commonly paired with the 14″ Punch Bowl are Regular and Flared Punch Cups (initially known as Custard Cups).  Punch Bowl Foots (Low and High) are also used with these bowls, giving them added height and stature.  It can be perched on either a Low or High Foot, giving it variations in height and presence.

The 14″ Punch Bowl has a holding capacity of approximately 2 gallons and is about 6½” in height (without a Foot).  The top opening is 14″ in diameter.  It is the longest-running punch bowl in the American pattern.   Of all the punch bowls made in the 2056 line, the original 14″ Punch Bowl remains one of the most popular.

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