Candle Lamp Chimney

Item Number:  26-461
Approximate Size:  4⅜” H
Production Dates:  1939-1943; 1953-1970

The production dates I have given are for when this item was used in the American 2056 pattern.  It does not include the dates it was used with other Fostoria glass patterns.

The complete American Candle Lamp consisted of four individual glass pieces, or three … depending on when it was produced.  The Candle Lamp Chimneys (along with the Candle Lamp Bases) were always official parts of both versions.  While this item was used and featured in the American 2056 line, its history goes way back to the early 1900’s when it was also used with other Fostoria candle lamps.

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Centerpiece – 9½”

Item Number:  602-CP
Diameter:  9½”
Production Dates:  1935-1982

The Fostoria American Centerpieces are absolutely beautiful.  Different styles and sizes were produced, each bringing their own style of elegance to the table.  The 9½” Centerpiece began its life in 1935 and was a popular piece for many decades.  It has a bigger sibling, the 11″ Centerpiece.  Both are styled the same way, and their only difference is their size.

It is very easy for collectors to confuse the Centerpieces with the punch bowl bases.  While the two pieces are basically the same item, there is one distinguishing difference between them.  The true supports for the punch bowls (whatever the size) will not have a rayed center in their glass base.  The 9½” and 11″ Centerpieces all have rayed bottoms, and that is the easiest way to tell whether you have a Centerpiece or a Punch Bowl Foot.

The 9½” Centerpiece is a nice size, and I like that it is not too tall – making it an ideal choice for great visibility around the table.  Flowers, fruit, candy, and other food items will display beautifully in it.  A Centerpiece can also be decorated for different seasons – such as using mini-pumpkins, pine cones, and acorns for an autumn display.  Even everyday food items like lemons and limes look stunning in this piece of glass!

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Candlestick – Amber

Item Number:  #A-314
Height:  2⅞”
Estimated Production Dates:
Mid-1980’s to early 2000’s

With no accurate records to validate exact production dates for items produced by L. E. Smith Glass Company, I can only give an approximation as to when these items were produced.  My best estimate would be from the mid-1980’s through the early 2000’s.  These items were being sold, under the Fostoria American label, in the Wheeling Fostoria Outlet Store during that time.

Fostoria Glass primarily produced this candlestick in clear crystal.  Dalzell Viking Glass also made it in a few different colors – such as pink and green.  The L. E. Smith Glass Co. produced these pieces in cobalt blue and amber.  I will state; however, that the quality of glass and craftsmanship on the L. E. Smith pieces that I own do not compare to those made by Fostoria Glass.

Fall Decorating | American Candlestick | AmberMy personal opinion on these candlesticks is this … the ones actually produced at the Fostoria glass factory have the greatest clarity and craftsmanship of them all.  They; however, are also the most plentiful.

The colored candlesticks, whether produced by L. E. Smith or Dalzell Viking, are more difficult to find.  They had a much shorter production life.  They do; however, offer a way to introduce different shades and colors into your tablescape, which is always a nice option for the hostess.

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Complete Candle Lamp

Item Number:  310
Height:  8½”
Production Dates:  1953-1970

The Candle Lamp, when complete, is another wonderful treasure to behold.  Quite often one can easily find the 3″ Candlestick, but finding the other candle parts is a bit more challenging.  The American 3″ Candlestick was sold separately (and quite popular as such); however, it was also a very important element of the Candle Lamp.  Depending on the production period, other individual pieces were also vital in assembling a complete and authentic American Candle Lamp.

I happily discovered an interesting tidbit of information when I did research for this piece.  During its first production phase of 1939, the complete Candle Lamp included two extra pieces that were not included when it was reintroduced in 1953.  Those two pieces were a Candle Lamp Pot and a Wax Light.  A little piece of wax would be placed in a lamp pot, and then that same pot would be placed in the lamp base dish.  The Candle Lamp Pots were eventually eliminated (along with the Wax Lights) and were not part of the reintroduced complete Candle Lamp of 1953.

Fostoria | American | Candle Lamp Parts

On the second production run, the complete Candle Lamp consisted of just three individual items (shown above).  Those items were the 3″ Candlestick, the Candle Lamp Base, and the Candle Lamp Chimney.  The American Candle Lamp Bases had pegs so that they could be inserted and seated within the candle chamber of the 3″ Candlestick.  Since Fostoria Glass was no longer including Lamp Pots or Wax Lights at this time, the idea for lighting was to simply put a votive or warming candle in the Candle Lamp Base.  That was the way it remained until the piece was discontinued.

Interestingly, the Lamp Bases and Chimneys were also used with other lines of Fostoria – such as the Colony, Flame, and Spool patterns.  If you can’t find the proper pieces while searching for the American pattern, I would recommend doing a search for the other mentioned glass patterns as well.

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Hurricane Lamp – Complete

Item Number:  459
Height:  12”
Production Dates:  1939-1943 and 1953-1958

Fostoria | American | Hurricane LampThe Hurricane Lamp, in its complete and original form, is truly a special find.  The complete Hurricane Lamp consists of two pieces – the Base, and the Chimney.  While one could certainly use the base without the chimney, it is not considered complete without the two original pieces.  The base is rather substantial; however, the chimney is fragile.

The Hurricane Lamp is one of those items in the American line that was made for a short period of time, then taken out of production.  It came back to life in 1953, and had a production run for another six years.  During that time a consumer had three options – buy a complete Hurricane Lamp, buy just the Hurricane Lamp Base, or only purchase the Hurricane Lamp Chimney.  Therefore, it is entirely possible to find the American Hurricane Base being used with a different chimney, and vice-versa.  Since the items were sold separately, people could use and display them as they wished.

When buying these pieces; however, you should be aware of how a “Fostoria American Hurricane Lamp” is often listed on eBay and other online auction sites.  Many times a seller will list their item as a Fostoria American Hurricane Lamp and Chimney, when it is not.  In most instances, they only have the Hurricane Lamp Base – not the Hurricane Chimney (which is harder to find).  Before making a purchase, I recommend reviewing the pictures and descriptions of the two separate items (Base and Chimney) to guarantee that you are purchasing an original Fostoria American Hurricane Lamp.

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