Fostoria | American | 3-Toed Bon Bon

3-Toed Bon Bon


Item Number:  #137
Approximate Size:  7″ D – 2″ H
Production Dates:  1925-1985

The Fostoria American 3-Toed Bon Bon is approximately 7″ across.  Still relatively easy to find today, this piece was produced by the Fostoria Glass Company for many decades.  While a bon-bon is typically a sweet candy or confection dish, other food items could easily be served on this beautiful piece of crystal.

Fostoria| American | 3-Toed Bon BonAmerican Whitehall also made a 3-Toed Bonbon (they spelled it as one word), and it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between the two.  One method to determine whether your dish is Fostoria or a Look-Alike is to examine the toes of the dish.  Fostoria’s toes will be smooth, with flat ground bottoms.  Their design is slightly curved, with angled toes.  Whitehall’s toes have hemispherical buttons on their bottoms; they look like tapered polygons.

While predominately made in clear crystal, the 3-Toed Bon Bon was also produced in Ruby, Amber, Blue, and Canary.  If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please click the following sponsored link for available 3-Toed Bon Bons on eBay.

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