Fostoria American 2-Part Vegetable Dish

2-Part Vegetable Dish


Item Number:  #837
Approximate Size:  10″ L – 7″ W – 2⅛” H
Production Dates:  1940-1974

The 2-Part Vegetable Dish is another useful item in the American pattern.  It is very similar to the Oval Vegetable Dish, with one noticeable difference – the center divider.  It’s size is perfect, and it’s oval design makes it easy to pass around the table.

This vegetable dish is often confused with the American Whitehall 2-Part Oval Relish Dish.  Any easy way to distinguish between the two is to look at the bottom of each piece.  The Fostoria American 2-Part Vegetable Dish has twenty-four rays, whereas the look-alike bowl (produced by Indiana Glass Company) has twenty rays in their bottom design.  Also worth noting is that the Whitehall piece was produced in Crystal, Evergreen, and a Peach color.  If you should find this piece in any of those colors, with 20 rays in the bottom center design, then you definitely know it is not Fostoria American.

If you are interested in purchasing a similar piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Vegetable Dishes on eBay. Just be sure to look at the listings closely, as many Sellers list the Whitehall pieces as being Fostoria American.

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