Fostoria American Footed Cheese

Footed Cheese


Item Number:  #370
Diameter:  5¾″
Production Dates:  1938-1970

Fostoria Glass Company produced an item in their American line that was called the “Cheese and Cracker”.  It consisted of two individual pieces – the Footed Cheese, and the Cracker Plate. When these pieces were produced, you could either buy the two-piece set together – or you could buy the Footed Cheese and/or the Cracker Plate independently of each other.

Fostoria American Cheese and CrackerThe Footed Cheese is approximately 5¾” in diameter and 3¼” in height.  The top is flat, with edges that curve up gracefully.  It is footed, supported by a shapely stem.  While this piece was made to fit on top of the Cracker Plate, it can also be used independently.

The Fostoria American Cracker Plate has a raised retainer ring in the center to accommodate the Footed Cheese.  The retainer ring helps to hold the Footed Cheese in place so that it does not slip around on the plate.  Since the Footed Cheese was also sold separately, you can really use it anywhere – and with anything.  The retainer ring on the Cracker Plate is a perfect fit; however, and I find that it truly keeps this little dish in the center of the plate.

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