Fostoria American Shrimp & Dip

Shrimp & Dip

Other Serving Dishes

Item Number:  259
Approximate Size:  12¼” D – 4¼” H
Production Dates:  1959-1973

In all my years of collecting Fostoria American, I have never heard anyone state that they did not like the Shrimp & Dip.  It is simply a spectacular piece of glass, classy enough to compete with any other centerpiece you might have (floral or not).  Once you place it on your table or buffet, it will make a delicious statement.  Obviously, shrimp and dip is the food of original intention; however, it can hold and serve a multitude of other food items as well.  The dip goes in the bowl on top, and the shrimp gets draped below.  The Shrimp & Dip is a little over 12″ in diameter, and will feed the biggest of crowds.

Always try and handle this piece by the bottom, with two hands.  This is not considered a common item, and is usually more expensive to buy than most American pieces.  Part of that is due to the beauty and uniqueness of the item itself, as well as the fact that it had a shorter production life than most other 2056 items.  It was produced in clear crystal, and I am aware of no Look-Alikes.  It is unique to the American 2056 pattern.

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