Hotel Cracked Ice

Hotel Cracked Ice

Tubs & Buckets

Item Number:  #UR-03
Approximate Size:  10″ D – 7″ H
Production Dates:  1917-1925

(aka Hotel Ice Tub)

This item was only produced for a few years and is considered to be a rare item.  It was also known as the “Hotel Ice Tub”.  Of all the ice-holding vessels in the American pattern, the Hotel Cracked Ice is the largest.  It has a holding capacity of approximately 10½ pints.  This item was not inexpensive when it debuted, costing almost three times as much as the Large Ice Tub.  The Hotel Cracked Ice cost $7.50 in 1917, which is equivalent to about $168.41 in today’s money (2021).  I would imagine that the hotel trade, the fortunate … or the wealthy, were among the initial owners of such a grand piece.

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