Fostoria | American | Small Ice Tub Plate

Small Ice Tub Plate

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Item Number:  #550-ITS
Diameter:  8″
Production Dates:  1915-1958

(aka Crushed Ice Plate)

The Fostoria Glass Company produced two Ice Tub Plates in the American line. The one that we will be addressing in this post is the Small Ice Tub Plate, which was first produced in 1915.  It is listed in the Fostoria 1915 Catalog Supplement, which first debuted the American line.  The approximate dates of production for this piece were from 1915 – 1958.

Fostoria | American | Small Ice Tub and Plate

Small Ice Tub and the correct Small Ice Tub Plate (notice how high the edges flare upwards).

Often, you will see the Ice Tubs sold without the Plate, and this could be for a variety of reasons. Over the years, people might have thought the Ice Tub Plate was just another ordinary plate and separated it from the Ice Tub – or the Ice Tub was originally bought separately (without the Plate).

The Ice Tub Plate and large center Salad Plates came from the same mould, so it is easy to understand the confusion in identifying them.  Since the Ice Tub Plate has edges that flow upward, this trait usually reduces its overall diameter – albeit slightly.  The original Fostoria American Catalog Supplement of 1915 states the plates were 8-inches, which has proven to be true upon a personal inspection of the plates that I own.  The larger Ice Tub Plate measures in at 9-inches.  The higher the edges, the smaller in diameter the plate will be.

The Small Ice Tub Plates are easily misidentified as a Salad Plate, for they are “almost” identical.  Even experienced Fostoria American collectors get them confused.  In all of the true Small Ice Tub Plates I have ever seen, the bottom ring of glass has been ground off.  In some cases, a faint bit of it remains – but the majority of it has been ground off.  Is it possible that there are true Ice Tub Plates out there with a ring that has not been ground off?  Yes, certainly – because each piece was finished by hand, and at the sole discretion of the factory worker.

A Small Ice Tub Plate may have highly flared edges, reaching a height of 1¼-inches.  Regular Salad Plates (produced from the same mould) don’t have this much height, and the edges tend to reach outwards, rather than upwards.  There are many Ice Tub Plates; however, that do not have such pronounced height at their outermost edges.  They flare outward, like a Salad Plate, and can be seen this way in some of the old Fostoria catalogs. The diameter of the plates can vary – depending on how much flaring was done during production.

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