Fostoria American Ice Tub Plate - Large

Ice Tub Plate – Large


Item Number:  552-ITL
Diameter:  9″
Production Dates:  1916-1958

Fostoria American Large Ice Tub and PlateThe Fostoria Glass Company produced two Ice Tub Plates in the American line. The one that we will be addressing in this post is the larger of the two, which was first produced in 1916.  The Small Ice Tub Plate debuted first, and is about one-inch smaller in diameter.  Often, you will see the Ice Tubs sold without the Plate, and this could be for a variety of reasons. Over the years, people might have thought the Ice Tub Plate was just another ordinary plate and separated it from the Ice Tub – or the Ice Tub was originally bought separately (without the Plate).

The Large Ice Tub Plate and Dinner Plate came from the same mold, so it is easy to understand the confusion in identifying them.  Since the Ice Tub Plate may have edges that flow slightly upward, this trait will usually reduce its overall diameter by about ½” from the regular Dinner Plate.  The higher the edges, the smaller in diameter the plate will be.

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