Fostoria American Small Ice Tub

Small Ice Tub

Tubs & Buckets

Item Number:  #434
Approximate Size:  5⅝” D – 3¾” H
Production Dates:  1915-1958

(aka Crushed Ice Tub)

This is the very first Ice Tub produced in the American 2056 line.  When it first debuted in 1915, it was called the Crushed Ice Tub.  They only described it as such for a few years; thereafter, it was simply called an Ice Tub.  A separate Small Ice Tub Plate was also available for purchase, often paired with the Ice Tub.  They were not sold as a set, even though they were often used and shown together.  Each piece was sold separately.

Fostoria American Ice Tub TabsOften, you will see the Ice Tubs sold without the Plate, and this could be for a variety of reasons. Over the years, people might have thought the Ice Tub Plate was just another ordinary plate and separated it from the Ice Tub – or the Ice Tub was originally bought separately (without the Plate).

The American pattern produced two Ice Tubs, the small one featured in this post, and a larger Ice Tub (with a 6½” diameter).  Both sizes feature a tab on each side of the tub, ensuring easy handling and passing of said item.

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