Molasses Can w/ Glass Handle

Item Number:  SV-02
Approximate Size:  6¾” H – 11 oz.
Production Dates:  1915-1925

This lovely, and very old piece, makes a grand impression on the table.  The Molasses Can made its debut in 1915.  It was only produced for about ten years, and during that time, different variations of the top were offered.  The tops most often showcased a thumb piece design.  The thumb piece either featured a shell design, or it was plain – with a thin outline.  Other types of tops have also been seen; however, I have not seen those illustrated in any of the early Fostoria American catalogs.

The lid components of the Molasses Can were made out of an alloy called Zamak (or Zamac).  The tops were also produced in sheet metal, which is not as strong, or thick, as Zamak.  The sheet metal lids are typically stamped “Patent Pending” inside.  No matter the material that was used in production, all of them were plated with a layer of metal – typically nickel.  The nickel plating helped with wear and corrosion resistance.  Fostoria even used the initials E.N.T. (Ewer Nickel Top) in the item’s description to reflect that nickel was used.

Another type of server that was also produced during the 1915 timeframe is the Syrup with a Metal Handle.  Both of these servers are exquisite pieces from the American pattern.  If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing for the Molasses Can, please click the following sponsored link for available Molasses Cans on eBay.  The results will probably be limited; however, they do show up for sale every now and again.

Dripcut Syrup

Item Number:  704
Approximate Size:  4¾” H – 6½ oz.
Production Dates:  1957-1982

The Dripcut Syrup was a very popular item in the American line, and still is.  Fostoria Glass made the base for the syrup; however, the top was made by the Dripcut Company of Los Angeles, California.  The top dispenser is specifically designed to pour syrup quickly and as neatly as possible.  With just one hand, one can release the top lever and pour syrup.  The Dripcut Syrup – with its quick release lever – helps prevent a sticky mess from getting on your fingers and the table.

Other more fancy Syrups can be found in the American line; however, if you are seeking one that you can use on a more frequent basis, the Dripcut Syrup is a great choice.  The original tops were made out of metal, with a chrome plating.  You can still find the Dripcut tops today, and most will fit the original Fostoria syrup bottom.  The newer tops are usually made out of plastic, with a chrome finish.

If you are an avid breakfast lover that loves to serve pancakes and waffles, this beautiful Dripcut Syrup is a must-have.  If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing, please click the following sponsored link for available Syrups on eBay.

Syrup, N. P. Top w/ Metal Handle

Item Number:  SV-03
Approximate Size:  5¼” H – 6 oz.
Production Dates:  1915-1923

This lovely, and very old piece, has an interesting history.  To begin with, the Syrup with the Metal Handle is a pioneering piece in the American 2056 line.  When it was first featured in the 1915 catalog supplement, it was described as the following:  “Syrup N. P. Screw Top”.  The “N. P.” refers to the item as being nickel-plated.  While the handle was not mentioned, the illustration in the catalog featured a fancy metal handle.  Two different handles have been seen with this piece, and the featured photo in this post shows the more plain handle.

The official name for this piece is somewhat confusing, as it appears that Fostoria Glass listed it in their catalog as being a Syrup.  However, in a separate price list for the same year, they listed it as a Molasses Can with a Metal Handle.  The confusion is that there already was a bigger Molasses Can pictured in the catalog, right next to the Syrup.  A few years later it appears that Fostoria Glass noted this discrepancy, and thereafter it was listed in the price lists as a “Syrup”.  It remained so until it was no longer produced.

If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing for this piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Syrups on eBay.

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