Pomade and Cover

Item Number:  #CC-03
2” x 2″ x 2″
Production Dates:  1916-1925

Fostoria Glass produced a variety of boxes in the American pattern.  They considered the Pomade and Cover to be a “cologne and toilet article”.   Cologne and toilet articles included different items – from Colognes to Comb and Brush Trays, and more.  While some of these same items were included in their colored “Boudoir Sets”, the Pomade and Cover was not.

What exactly is pomade?  It is a product that gives hair a shiny and slick appearance.  It was quite popular in the early 20th century, which relates to the time period in which Fostoria produced the Pomade and Cover – from 1916 to 1925.  Murray’s Hair Pomade was a highly sought-after product that was available in the mid-20’s, and is still available today.

Fostoria | American | Pomade and CoverThe Pomade and Cover is approximately 2-inches square (measured with the Cover on).  Without the Cover, the box is approximately 1¾-inches square.

The Cover is level on the top; however, the underside has a retainer ring that fits just inside the walls of the box.  This design helps keep the Cover secure.  It is important to note; however, that many boxes and covers (when fitted together) will have a slight wobble to them.

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Pickle | Jam Jar and Cover

Item Number:  #CC-02
Production Dates:  1915-1925 and 1934-1943

There are certain items in the Fostoria American line that were produced for a few years and then discontinued – only to resurface years later under a different name.  As our eating and dining habits changed throughout the years, reintroduction of previously produced items seemed quite practical.  The Pickle Jar is one such item, for it was later called the Jam Jar.

When the Pickle Jar was first introduced, it was in the debut of the American pattern.  The year was 1915, and it stayed in production through 1925.  It would resurface in the mid-1930’s under a new name, the Jam Jar.  The Jam Jar was produced through 1943, and then dropped from the 2056 line.

Fostoria | American | Pickle Jar and CoverOf all the covered pieces in the American line, the Pickle Jar Cover is one of the most unique.  While the cover is easy enough to remove from the jar portion, one should do so with care.  Unlike most other covers, this one does not have an official knob or handle for retrieval.  In contrast, this particular piece has a slightly elevated point resting on top of its lid.

The Pickle Jar and Cover is approximately 6″ tall.  Without the cover, the Pickle Jar is about 4½” high.

It is quite common to find Pickle Jars without Covers, as many bottom pieces were sold to other companies that specialized in making metal filigree frames, holders, and casters.  These were very decorative pieces, and special covers were made for such items.  There are also Pickle Jar bottoms that were never intended to go into holders; instead, they were adorned with beautiful sterling silver lids.  Obviously, the Pickle Jar bottoms were made by Fostoria; however, they did not produce any of the decorative metal lids or holders.

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Two Handled Preserve and Cover

Item Number:  #CC-04
Production Dates:  1915-1944

The Fostoria Two Handled Preserve and Cover is a beautiful and unique piece, bearing a handle on each side. It is rather unique-looking, and therein lies its charm, as it was designed and first produced over a hundred years ago.  The Two Handled Preserve and Cover is one of the pioneering pieces in the American #2056 line, and made its initial debut in the Fostoria American 1915 Catalog Supplement.

While its original purpose was to serve preserves and such, there are many other ways to utilize this dish today.  I still use it for its original purpose; however, I have also used it as a candy dish, relish dish, for serving after-dinner mints … and the list goes on and on.  If you use your imagination, you will soon find that there are a variety of ways to use this versatile piece.

Fostoria | American | Two Handled Preserve and Cover CollageThe Two Handled Preserve and Cover has a diameter of approximately 5½” –  5¾” (not counting the handles) and a height between 4″ – 4½” (including the cover).  The bowl portion has a beautiful starburst design in the bottom, and the Cover has smooth edges (not serrated) on the bottom rim.  I find the two pieces make a good connection.   Without any serrated edges to match up when putting the Cover back on the dish, the chances of damage are usually reduced – especially since both pieces have smooth edges.

The Two Handled Preserve and Cover was made for less than thirty years; therefore, they are not as plentiful in the open market today.  They are not considered rare, nor are they considered a common find.  If you are interested in learning more about current availability for this piece, please click the following affiliate link for available Two Handled Preserve and Covers on eBay.

Marmalade, Cover and Spoon

Item Number:  #CC-01
Height:  5½”
Production Dates:  1937-1943

The Fostoria American Marmalade and Cover looks somewhat similar in form to the American Mustard and Cover. The Marmalade and Cover was only manufactured for a few years, starting around 1937.  Because of its limited life span, this piece is not considered a common item, nor is it extremely rare. What is difficult; however, is finding the original spoon that was sold with it.

The Marmalade did not have a long life, and was only produced through 1943.  The initial production of this 3-piece set included a Chromium Spoon. Later in production (circa 1942), the Spoon changed to a Silver-Plated version.  Some of the published books on Fostoria American have conflicting information on the details and photos of the Spoon.  I don’t agree with all that I have read or seen.

Based on my research thus far, I have never seen Fostoria Glass list the Marmalade as having a glass spoon.  Even though there are some books and/or publications that show the Marmalade and Cover with a glass spoon, it appears that the spoon is much shorter in length than it should be.  I think it is possible that the author used a spoon that went with the smaller Mustard and Cover, and this would explain why in the book’s photo … the spoon barely pops through the hole of the Cover. The height of the Marmalade and Cover is approximately 5½” – in comparison to the 3¾” height of the Mustard and Cover.

Fostoria | American | Marmalade and CoverOne immediate way to tell the difference between the Mustard and the Marmalade is to look at the bowl’s foot. The Marmalade foot consists of a beautiful starburst or ray design.  In contrast, the Mustard has a plain foot. While many people get these two pieces confused – if you remember this distinguishing fact, you will be able to determine its true identity.

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Wedding Bowl and Cover – Small

Item Number:  #162
Top Opening:  6″
Production Dates:  1948-1973

There were two sizes of Wedding Bowls produced in the American pattern.  The smaller one has a top opening of approximately 6″ square. The bigger version has a 7″ square opening.  The difference in size between the small and big Wedding Bowls primarily deals with their top square opening measurement – not with the height of the piece.  With their Covers on, each Wedding Bowl is approximately 8-8¼” tall.

Fostoria | American | Wedding Bowl - Small. It was originally offered with, or without, a Cover.Of the two sizes, the smaller Wedding Bowl had a longer production life.  It is easier (and less expensive) to find than its bigger sibling.  That being said, it is not considered a common item either.  The smaller Wedding Bowl was discontinued in the mid-1970’s.  They were primarily produced in clear crystal; however, they also made a limited supply in white milk glass.

When the Wedding Bowl was being produced, you could purchase it with (or without) a Cover.  The smaller Wedding Bowl had two bottom variations – plain, or one with a ray-like design in the center. The plain bottom versions are more abundant.  The foot of the smaller Wedding Bowl is about 4″ square, compared to the larger version that has a 4½” square foot.

Another interesting fact is that one Cover fits both pieces.  Fostoria Glass only produced one Cover for the Wedding Bowls, regardless of its size.  If the Cover was sitting on the smaller version (as in this post), you will notice that the Cover sits slightly outside the edges of the Wedding Bowl.  In contrast, the Cover sits completely inside the larger Wedding Bowl.

It is my belief that these Wedding Bowls are some of the finest, and most beautiful, of all the pieces in the Fostoria American line.  The history of wedding bowls goes back many years – over a century ago. They were cherished, and often used on a daily basis. When these items were being produced, they were very popular wedding gifts.  Even though times and customs have changed drastically over the years, I can’t imagine any bride-to-be (even in today’s world) not falling in love with one of these exquisite and stunning Wedding Bowls.

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Nappy and Cover

Item Number:  #505
Height:  5”
Production Dates:  1924-1982

The Fostoria Nappy and Cover was a very popular piece in the American line. So popular, in fact, that it has a Look-Alike cousin in the American Whitehall pattern.  Many times people confuse the two, and it is not uncommon to see the American Whitehall piece being sold as genuine Fostoria American. The American Whitehall piece is called a “Candy Box/Cover”.

The Nappy Cover (or Lid) is approximately 3” high and has an inside retainer ring of clear glass.  Interestingly enough, the Nappy Cover is very similar (if not exact) to the Cover of the Comport piece.  This is good to know, especially if one piece is damaged and you need to interchange the two pieces.  That being said, the different Covers don’t always fit on the bottom pieces.  My personal Cover for the Comport does not fit the bottom of my Nappy.  While similar in size and dimension, the weight of the piece is different and does not make a good fit.  In fact, if I forced the situation, damage would occur.  Therefore, be aware – while the Nappy Cover and the Comport Cover look very similar, it is quite possible you won’t get a good fit when you try to interchange the different pieces.  My best advise is to take the bottoms with you when searching for a replacement top.

Fostoria | American | Nappy and CoverThe Nappy and Cover is approximately 5″ in height.  It is a nicely weighted item, and sits securely on the table. While Fostoria Glass officially called this piece a “Nappy”, it is also referred to as a Candy Dish by many.  The Nappy and Cover was produced for many years and is still fairly easy to find in the aftermarket.  If you find a similar dish in color – not clear crystal – then it is probably the American Whitehall version.  The Look-Alike piece was manufactured in a variety of colors – such as Blue, Ruby, Green, Blue Carnival – and even clear crystal.

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