Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Covered Containers

Pomade and Cover

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Fostoria Glass produced a variety of boxes in the American pattern.  They considered the Pomade and Cover to be a “cologne and toilet article”.   Cologne and toilet articles included different items – from Colognes to Comb and Brush Trays, and more.  While some of these same items were included in their colored “Boudoir Sets”, the […] Read more

Pickle | Jam Jar and Cover

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There are certain items in the Fostoria American line that were produced for a few years and then discontinued – only to resurface years later under a different name.  As our eating and dining habits changed throughout the years, reintroduction of previously produced items seemed quite practical.  The Pickle Jar is one such item, for […] Read more

Two Handled Preserve and Cover

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The Fostoria Two Handled Preserve and Cover is a beautiful and unique piece, bearing a handle on each side. It is rather unique-looking, and therein lies its charm, as it was designed and first produced over a hundred years ago.  The Two Handled Preserve and Cover is one of the pioneering pieces in the American #2056 line, and […] Read more

Marmalade, Cover and Spoon

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Item Number:  #CC-01 Height:  5½” Production Dates:  1937-1943 The Fostoria American Marmalade and Cover looks somewhat similar in form to the American Mustard and Cover. The Marmalade and Cover was only manufactured for a few years, starting around 1937.  Because of its limited life span, this piece is not considered a common item, nor is it extremely rare. […] Read more

Wedding Bowl and Cover – Small

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There were two sizes of Wedding Bowls produced in the American pattern.  The smaller one has a top opening of approximately 6″ square. The bigger version has a 7″ square opening.  The difference in size between the small and big Wedding Bowls primarily deals with their top square opening measurement – not with the height of the piece.  With their […] Read more

Nappy and Cover

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Item Number:  #505 Height:  5” Production Dates:  1924-1982 The Fostoria Nappy and Cover was a very popular piece in the American line. So popular, in fact, that it has a Look-Alike cousin in the American Whitehall pattern.  Many times people confuse the two, and it is not uncommon to see the American Whitehall piece being sold as genuine Fostoria […] Read more

Lemon and Cover

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Item Number:  #462 Height:  3½” Production Dates:  1915-1944 Reinstated 1947-1970 The Fostoria American Lemon and Cover is another pioneering piece in the American pattern.  We know that it was introduced in 1915, based on the information in Fostoria’s 1915 Catalog Supplement.  It was then produced for many years thereafter, taking a brief hiatus in the mid-1940’s, before being […] Read more

Mustard, Cover and Spoon

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Item Number:  #487 Height:  3¾” Production Dates:  1935-1965 I seem to like quite a few of the Covered Containers in the American line, and the Mustard piece is no exception.  If intact, the Mustard dish should have a total of three pieces – the Mustard dish, a Cover, and a Spoon.  The authentic Fostoria Spoon is glass, not […] Read more

Jam Pot and Cover

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Item Number:  #442 Height:  4½” Production Dates:  1948-1971 The Fostoria American Jam Pot and Cover is precious.  I like everything about it – from it’s size to its Cover. This piece was specifically called a “Jam Pot”, not to be confused with the totally different-looking Jelly and Cover. Fostoria Glass also made a 3 Pc. Jam Pot Set […] Read more

Comport and Cover

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Item Number:  #386 Height:  9” Production Dates:  1924-1982 The Comport and Cover is a beautiful piece of Fostoria American glass.  You might be asking, “What is a Comport?” According to, it is “a large English glass dish of the 18th century used for holding fruit or candy and having a wide, shallow top supported by heavy stem […] Read more

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