Item Number:  540
Approximate Size:  8″ L – 1½” H – 4″ W
Production Dates:  1915-1982

The Pickle dish is another pioneering item in the American 2056 pattern.  There were two other similar shaped pieces that were introduced at the same time – the larger Celery and the smaller Olive dish.  The sizes of the three oblong dishes ranged from 6″ – 10″.  The 8″ Pickle is the medium-sized dish.  All of these items make a wonderful trio, and have proven to be great appetizer and buffet servers.  They can even be used for other purposes as well.

This dish should not be confused with another pickle item in the American pattern – the Pickle Jar and Cover. The Pickle Jar was also introduced in 1915; however, it looks entirely different from the regular “Pickle” dish.  One is a covered jar; the Pickle is simply an open pickle server.

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