Fostoria American Large Boat

Large Boat


Item Number:  #129
Approximate Size:  12″ L
Production Dates:  1915-1982

While some folks and authors refer to this item as a relish dish – that terminology is not correct.  There are differences between an American 2056 Relish dish and a Boat.  Boats are open in design; whereas relish dishes have dividers or compartments within them.

Two different-sized boats were produced, this larger one – and a smaller 8½″ size.  The overall length measurement of this piece is 12”, including the handles.  The original 1915 catalog states this item as having a 4½” width; however, all of the Large Boats that I have measured are usually between 5¼”- 5½” wide.  I have seen a few that are 5″, but never any 4½” versions.  I don’t know if that is just another clerical error in the original catalog, or if by chance, the original Large Boat was truly 4½” wide.  So, please be aware that there are size fluctuations on this piece – but most times – the average width for the Large Boat is about 5½ inches.

Fostoria American Boat HandlesThe American Boats were made for a long time; hence, you may notice slight design differences in them.  Mold changes and/or repairs are the obvious reason for this.  The most visible difference is in the handles.  The older handles, which debuted in 1915, are more plain in design.  The newer versions are more shapely, with a scrolling motif.  The original handles were produced for at least a few decades.

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