Fostoria | American | Sauce Boat Plate

Sauce Boat Plate

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Item Number:  #638
Length:  8″
Production Dates:  1938-1958

The Fostoria American Sauce Boat Plate is really lovely.  Even though it is typically paired with the Sauce Boat, it is beautiful in its own right.  The Sauce Boat and the Sauce Boat Plate were offered separately by the Fostoria Glass Company, so it is possible to have one without the other. When used together; however, they serve any type of dinner sauce with grace and beauty.

Fostoria | American | Sauce Boat and PlateThe Sauce Boat Plate is not a common find, yet it is not considered rare either.  They were produced from approximately 1938-1958, for about twenty years.  In comparison to other common American pieces, the production life for the Sauce Boat and Plates were not as long-lived. For this reason alone, this is why you typically do not see vast amounts of these pieces in the seller’s market.  Even so, they managed to be produced for twenty years … and you can still find them.

The Sauce Boat Plate is about 8″ in length and approximately 6½” wide. The design in the center of the plate and bowl is the same, showcasing 24 petals and/or rays.  The reason they fit so perfectly and are almost identical in appearance is because the Sauce Boat Plate was made from the same mould as the Sauce Boat.

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