Fostoria American 3-Part Relish

3-Part Relish


Item Number:  #RB-03
Approximate Size:  9½” L – 6″ W
Production Dates:  1935-1944

The American relish dishes are some of the most beautiful and useful serving pieces in the entire 2056 line.  Fostoria Glass produced several different types of them, and a consumer could choose from 2-part, 3-part, and even 4-part relish servers.  When it comes to the 3-part relish dishes, two different types were offered.  This post is about the 3-Part Relish, and the easiest way to distinguish it from the 3-Part Combination Relish is to look at its design.  The combination dish will have a long glass divider that is in the center of the dish, with two smaller compartments making up the other half of the server.  The regular 3-Part Relish is a smaller dish, designed with three evenly-spaced dividers.

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