Fostoria American Hair Receiver Box & Cover

Hair Receiver Box & Cover

Boxes & Boudoir Items

Item Number:  CC-09
Dimensions:  3⅛” Sq. – 2⅞ H
Production Dates:  1916-1925

Years ago, hair receivers were very much in favor by the ladies of the house.  Women would recycle their hair, and collect it after brushing and grooming.  The hair was kept in a container, usually made from a variety of materials from ceramic to crystal.  The American pattern produced one such item – the Hair Receiver & Cover.  Hair would be placed in the box, via the hole in the cover.  The hair would be collected and later used in a number of ways; the most popular being turned into a hair rat.  A “rat” was a form that was made out of a woman’s own hair, and then used to make a bigger hairstyle.  Hair was also collected for stuffing purposes – such as for making pincushions and other items.

The Hair Receiver is almost identical to the Square Puff & Cover, with the obvious difference being seen in the lid.  The Hair Receiver has a hole in the center of the cover.  The inside diameter of this opening is approximately ⅞”, with a finished and smoothed edge.  The measurement of the entire box – with the cover in place – is about 3⅛” in length and width, and 2⅞” in height.

Finding these items in undamaged condition gets harder with each passing year.  Many of the covers (or lids) are found chipped or cracked.  Lifting and placing the covers on the boxes should be done carefully, and always with a gentle touch.  As an eBay Partner, I may be compensated if you make a purchase on eBay.  The following link shows available Hair Receiver Boxes on eBay.

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