Fostoria American Square Puff Box & Cover

Square Puff Box & Cover

Boxes, Covered Containers

Item Number:  #CC-12
Dimensions:  3⅛” Sq. – 2¾” H
Production Dates:  1915-1943

It has been my experience that vintage puff boxes and powder jars seem to hold a special place in a collector’s heart.  While the Fostoria Glass Company did produce a few of them in their American line, it is the Square Puff Box & Cover that was produced the longest.  This is an item that is usually not difficult to sell, as the interest in them has grown over the years.  Finding them in undamaged condition; however, takes a bit more patience.  Many of the covers (or lids) are found chipped or cracked.  Lifting and placing the covers on the boxes should not be done with great haste, and always done with a gentle touch.

Vanity or boudoir items of the American pattern usually had a specific purpose.  Puff boxes are one such example.  They were often filled with face or body powder – a dusting powder of sorts, usually accompanied by a powder puff.  Once the original product was used, the glass boxes could then be refilled as needed.  The boxes could also be used for a variety of other purposes, in addition to being used as a decorative item.  These boxes are treasures from another period, and quite beautiful to behold.

The Square Puff Box & Cover was primarily made in clear crystal; however, it was also produced in limited colors during the mid-1920s. This item was one of several pieces included in the colored Boudoir Sets of 1925-1926.  The colors available at that time were Amber, Blue, and Canary.  The colored boxes are obviously much more difficult to find, due to their limited years of production.

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