Fostoria American Handkerchief Box & Cover

Handkerchief Box & Cover

Boxes & Boudoir Items

Item Number:  CC-10
Dimensions:  5½” L – 4½” W – 2⅜” H
Production Dates:  1915-1942

At first glance, this box looks very similar in shape to the Cigarette Box & Cover.  The Handkerchief Box is the larger of the two items.  The measurements given above are for the box, with the cover sitting in place.

When this box was produced in color for the 1925 Boudoir Sets, this item was known as the Confection and Cover.  However, when produced in clear crystal, it was simply known as the Handkerchief Box & Cover.

The boxes are perfectly proportioned to hold a pair (or two) of ladies handkerchiefs.  These type of items were often seen atop a ladies dresser, or tucked inside a wardrobe closet.  The square and angular shape of the box made them a perfect fit to be tucked inside the corner of a dresser drawer.  Careful handling is required to keep the Handkerchief Boxes in good to excellent condition.  The cover will sometimes not be a perfect fit for the bottom box, so extra cushioning might be required to keep the two pieces from wobbling against each other.

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