Fostoria American Glove Box & Cover

Glove Box & Cover

Boxes & Boudoir Items

Item Number:  CC-08
Dimensions:  9½” L – 3½” W – 2¼” H
Production Dates:  1915-1928

When this item was produced in crystal, it was known as the Glove Box and Cover.  Years later, when it was produced in color, it was known as the Large Cigarette and Cover.  The box consists of two pieces, a container box and a cover.  It is perfectly proportioned to hold a set of ladies gloves, which was quite in fashion when the American Glove Box was introduced in 1915.  These elegant glove boxes were a treasured part of a ladies vanity or dressing table.

Today, we can enjoy this beautiful box as it was originally intended – or in a variety of new ways.  Why not repurpose it to hold some colorful and treasured jewelry?  You could also store special mementos in the box – such as family trinkets, locks of hair from a child’s first hair cut, or letters from loved ones.  It could be a “love box” where you place photos, notes, and other such items from your significant other.  Most certainly, it would make a lovely container for holding and preserving wedding trinkets (invitations, garter, something blue, the wedding cake knife, etc.)  Use your imagination, for this gorgeous Glove Box & Cover can still be used and cherished today.

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