Fostoria American Small Cologne

Small Cologne


Item Number:  #BOT-5
Approximate Size:  5¾” H
Production Dates:  1925-1943 (Crystal)

The American pattern offered two sizes of colognes –  a Small Cologne, and a Large Cologne.  The small size was produced for less than twenty years.  All of the Small Colognes included a drop stopper; the stopper is just shy of 1″ square.  They can be found with both ground (the oldest) and unground necks and stoppers.

Fostoria American Blue ColognePrimarily made in clear crystal, Fostoria Glass also produced the small Colognes in Amber, Blue, and Canary – circa 1925.  Unlike the crystal Colognes, the ones of color were only made from 1925-1926.  Colored Boudoir Sets were offered during this short period of time, and a small Cologne was one of the items included in the set.

The crystal Colognes were also very popular in filigree dresser sets.  Other companies would buy the Colognes from Fostoria Glass and assemble them in a dresser set of decorative metal filigree.  Some of the filigree designs were plain, while others might have had a painted medallion mounted to its front panel.

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