Fostoria American Pomade & Cover

Pomade and Cover

Boxes & Boudoir Items

Item Number:  CC-03
2” x 2″ x 2″
Production Dates:  1916 to mid-1920s

Fostoria | American | Pomade and CoverFostoria Glass produced a variety of boxes in the American pattern.  Cologne and boudoir articles included Colognes to Comb and Brush Trays, and more.  While some of these same items were included in the American colored “Boudoir Sets”, the Pomade and Cover was not.

What exactly is pomade?  It is a product that gives hair a shiny and slick appearance.  It was quite popular in the early 20th century, which relates to the time period in which Fostoria produced the Pomade and Cover – from 1916 to 1925.  Murray’s Hair Pomade was a highly sought-after product that was available in the mid-20’s, and is still available today.

The Pomade and Cover is approximately 2-inches square (measured with the Cover on).  Without the Cover, the box is approximately 1¾-inches square.

The Cover is level on the top; however, the underside has a retainer ring that fits just inside the walls of the box.  This design helps keep the Cover secure.  It is important to note; however, that many boxes and covers (when fitted together) might have a slight wobble to them.

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