Fostoria American 3 Pint Ice Jug

3 Pint Ice Jug

Jugs & Pitchers

Item Number:  #456
Holding Capacity:  3 Pints (48 fl oz)
Production Dates:  1938-1982

The 3 Pint Ice Jug has a very unique shape – it is a bit squatty, and has that fabulous and full “lip” to hold the ice in the jug.  It was, and still is, a very popular piece in the American pattern.  For the most part, Fostoria Glass classified their larger pouring vessels as “Jugs”.  They did produce a smaller “Pitcher” – such as the Pint Cereal Pitcher.  It does appear that the larger capacity items were always called Jugs.

Obviously, based on the name of this piece, it has a holding capacity of approximately 3 pints.  Three pints = 48 fluid ounces.  The Fostoria Glass catalogs state this piece as being 6½” tall; however, how that measurement was determined is unclear.  So, let’s make it as clear as possible.  Remember, all these items were finished by hand, so there will always be slight variances in size.  Based on my own personal items, these are the exact measurements of the 3 Pint Ice Jug:

  • From bottom to top rim or edge – 5⅝”
  • From bottom to top of handle – 6″
  • From bottom to top of lip – 6½”
  • Bottom base (or foot) is 4⅜” in diameter

Fostoria American 3 Pint Ice Jug LipWhen it came to designing an ice lip, Fostoria Glass excelled in that department.  Of all the different ice-lipped jugs and/or pitchers I have seen over the years, none were any prettier (or serviceable) than what you are seeing here.  Regular-sized ice cubes simply can’t get through that tight opening, and with that deep lip – it will certainly hold the ice cubes back.  No cosmetic surgery was needed on these lips; only skilled craftsmen!

There is another 3 Pint Jug in the American 2056 line; however, it does not have an ice lip – just a regular spout.  It is easy to distinguish from the 3 Pint Ice Jug, for it is slimmer and taller.

Luckily for us, the 3 Pint Ice Jugs are still relatively easy to find.  They were produced for a long time, and are still a popular and beloved item – even in today’s modern home.  These are classic pieces, and just don’t go out of style.

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