Footed Punch Cup

Item Number:  614
Height:  2¾″
Production Dates:  1970’s-1982

The Footed Punch Cup was one of the last cups produced in the Fostoria American pattern.  At the time of its introduction, the previous punch and/or custard cups had been discontinued.  Starting in the 1970’s, the Footed Punch Cup was now the one and only punch cup in the entire 2056 line.  Fostoria never described it as a coffee cup.  Put simply, it is the Footed Punch Cup.

The Footed Punch Cup is approximately 2¾” in height.  Since the Footed Punch Cup is not as flared the Footed Cup, the top opening is about ½” smaller in diameter.  Each cup holds approximately 7 ounces.  Out of all the cups that Fostoria produced in the American pattern, the Footed Punch Cup is probably the one that is most often identified incorrectly.

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Baby Tumbler

Item Number:  141
Height:  3″
Production Dates:  1957-1958

Fostoria | American | Toddler SetOut of the hundreds of items that were produced in the American pattern, there are just a handful of pieces that were made specifically for toddlers.  The Baby Tumbler is one of those few and special treasures.  It was introduced in 1957; however, it was only produced for a year or two.  Due to its short life, the Baby Tumbler is more difficult to find than most other American pieces.

The Baby Tumbler is approximately 3″ in height.  With a flared and wide rim at the top, and a small cubed-design engulfing the other two-thirds of the tumbler, it is really quite exquisite.  While the tumbler was initially designed for a toddler or young child, it could easily be used today by the young and old alike.  It would look stunning on a drink station or vintage bar, and would easily work with your other shot glasses or barware.

When the Baby Tumbler made its debut in 1957, it was marketed as part of a Toddler Set.  The set was gift packaged, ensuring a beautiful gift presentation.  The Toddler Set also included a Baby Bowl, and would certainly have made for a unique and refined baby shower gift.

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Footed Handled Ice Tea ~ Lemonade

Item Number:  D-03
Height:  5¾”
Production Dates:  1916-1925

Fostoria | American | Footed Handled Ice TeaIt is with great honor that I present the Footed Handled Ice Tea, from the American pattern.  Once you have seen this magnificent piece, I dare say you will not forget it.  It looks like no other piece of drinkware, and it proudly stands approximately 5¾” tall.  The Footed Handled Ice Tea is a very rare piece, adorned with a graceful handle and a supportive foot.

Some people refer to this piece as the Handled or Footed Lemonade.  During the last year it was produced, Fostoria Glass simply referred to it as the Footed and Handled Ice Tea Tumbler.  Don’t let the different names confuse you, for this treasure is easy to distinguish simply by its footed and handled design.

Since the Footed Handled Ice Tea first made its debut in 1916, an entire century (and more) has passed!  These vintage treasures are not easy to find.  If you should find one while treasure hunting, consider yourself lucky.  If the price is worthy, I highly recommend adding this piece to your collection.

The Footed Handled Ice Teas are limited in quantity and were produced for less than ten years.  Treat them with the respect they deserve, and they should last another 100 years!

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Beer Mug ~ Tankard

Item Number:  709
Height:  4½”
Production Dates:  1933-1943 as Beer Mug and 1974-1982 as Tankard

Fostoria | American | Beer Mug/Tankard - BrownThe Fostoria American Beer Mug is an intriguing piece.  It was first introduced around 1933 and was produced for about a decade.  It then disappeared off the assembly line for about thirty years.  Later (around 1974), it was re-introduced as a “Tankard” and was kept in the production line through 1982. Therefore, this piece could be called a Beer Mug, or a Tankard, depending on when it was produced.

The Beer Mug (aka Tankard) is a hefty piece of glass.  It is quite substantial, and would be a welcome addition to your Fostoria American collection, or to a well-stocked bar.  The Beer Mug is approximately 4½” tall and has a capacity of about 12 ounces.  While the Beer Mug was predominately produced in clear crystal, it was also made in a brown tone as well.  Some folks call the color “smoke grey”, while others simply call it “brown”.  The colored mugs are harder to find than the crystal versions, and there are even a select few in the ruby color.

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Footed Ice Tea ~ Luncheon Goblet

Item Number:  63
Height:  5¾″
Production Dates:  1932-1982

Fostoria | American | Footed Ice TeaThis is the 12 oz. Fostoria American Footed Ice Tea.  It is a substantial piece of glass, with flared sides.  It has a height of approximately 5¾ inches. The Footed Ice Tea was a popular piece in the Fostoria American line, being produced for an estimated fifty years.

There were a total of three different styles of non-handled “Ice Teas” produced over the years.  Each one has the same holding capacity – about 12 ounces.  They are the Footed Ice Tea, the Flared Ice Tea, and the Regular Ice Tea.

No matter your design preference, one (or all) of the American Ice Teas should serve your needs beautifully.  There is even an older handled version, which was called the Footed Handled Ice Tea (AKA Lemonade). Your choices for serving Ice Tea are endless.

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