Fostoria | American | Salad Plate - Large Center

Salad Plate – 8½”

Plates, Tortes, & Tid Bits

Item Number:  550-S
Diameter:  8½″
Production Dates:  1936-1982

Fostoria | American | Dinner and Salad PlatesVery similar in design to the 9½” Dinner Plate, the Fostoria American Salad Plate is slightly smaller – measuring in at about 8½” in diameter.  The Dinner and Salad Plates almost look identical in design, each bearing large centers.  I believe the Salad Plates are the perfect size for serving lunch or an afternoon meal, and I use them quite often for just that purpose.

It is important to note that other Salad Plates were made in the American pattern, such as the Crescent Salad Plate and a smaller 7″ Salad Plate (with a small center design).  Variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to American Salad Plates … you really do have choices! They make excellent “layering” plates as well, even with china from an entirely different pattern.  That is the versatility of clear crystal; the pieces will mesh with other collections seamlessly.

Here in this photo you can see the Dinner Plate and the Salad Plate side-by side. They both have large centers, and are only different in size by about an inch. The Salad Plates were produced for a long time, so they are still relatively easy to find in today’s market.  The Pink Salad Plates are harder to find, and were produced by Dalzell Viking Glass.

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