Sauce Boat

Item Number:  #636
Approximate Size:  6¾” L – 5″ W
Production Dates:  1938-1958

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Handled Sugar (No Cover)

Item Number:  674
Approximate Size:  3¼″ H
Production Dates:  1924-1982

The Fostoria American Handled Sugar was offered two ways – with a cover, or without. The uncovered version is about 3¼” tall.  Both versions were cataloged as separate items, and sold as such.  The covered version is item 673; the uncovered version (shown in this post) is item 674.

This is an item that disproves the age-old myth that we so often hear, “All Fostoria American pieces have three seam lines.”  The Sugar and Cover comes from a four-part mould.  The sugar bowl has a smooth top rim, void of any serrated edges.

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