This digital PDF file consists of eight (8) pages, one of which is the Cover Page shown.  The remaining seven (7) pages show a variety of photos distinguishing the difference between the footed and unfooted variations of the 3-Toed Bowl.  Additional photos are also included, along with notes and observations.

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Julie, you know how invaluable I have found your report on the 3 toed bowl to be.  Most dealers are unaware of the differences in the bowls.  Fascinating.  Also, your Whitehall publication to use for research comparisons, and your website, is amazing in both information and pictures.
Shirley Seib

This report will be a good resource for those collectors that want to know the difference between a footed and unfooted variation of the 3-Toed Bowl.  Over the past few months, I have received numerous requests for assistance on what a footed bowl looks like, versus an unfooted bowl.  It was obvious that it was time to publish a few photos with detailed information on this very subject.

The digital PDF report shows pictures of all three variations of the 3-Toed Bowl – in addition to a photo and explanation of a lug.  Once you have reviewed the information, I feel confident you will know the difference between the three variations of the 3-Toed bowl – and most importantly, the difference between footed and unfooted bowls.

This report is in English only and is a downloadable digital PDF file (non-editable) which will be available to you once your payment has been confirmed. You will then be sent an email letting you know that your file is ready for download.  You will receive a digital PDF file for personal use only.

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Refunds/Exchanges:  This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT, downloadable upon purchase.  No physical product will be shipped to you.  Since digital reports cannot be returned, there are no refunds or exchanges.  Once I send you the file, the sale is final.  Thank you.