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Fostoria Glass made a large variety of Nappy dishes in the American pattern.  They made flared, deep, shallow, handled, and regular nappies; hence, they offered a wide assortment to choose from.  In this post, our focus is just on the documented  “Regular Nappy” dishes produced in clear crystal.  There are a total of five different pieces, ranging from 4½” to 8″ in diameter.

The regular nappies were some of the most popular pieces in the 2056 line, and each of them enjoyed a very long life.  In fact, all of them were born in 1915 and endured until the 1980’s.  The two that lived the longest were the 5″ and the 8″ Regular Nappies – being produced from 1915-1985.  That is a remarkable run, much longer than most of the other 2056 treasures.  The bowls are versatile, even today, which makes them a popular choice in any American collection.

The reason these pieces are classified as “regular” nappies is because they don’t possess any other special design traits – such as being flared, having a handle, or the bowl being shallow or deep in depth or height.  They are just regular bowls, without any bells or whistles.  The smallest regular nappy has a height of about 1¾ inches, with the biggest regular nappy having a height of approximately 3⅝ inches.

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